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Duties & Function

  • To ascertain whether the internal search and control system operation in the departments for the prevention of errors and frauds is successful in terms of design as well as in terms of actual action.
  • Determining the reliability of accounts and other reports and examining whether the accounting practices used provide the information required to prepare accurate financial statements.
  • Evaluate the quality of the performance of the staff in fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to them.
  • Investigate the extent to which the assets of the Ministry are protected from all forms of damages.
  • Investigate whether the Government Establishments Code, Government Financial Regulations and other supplementary instructions issued by the Ministry in charge of Public Administration and the Treasury are being followed.
  • To examine the success of the internal control system selected to prevent and detect waste, idle capacity and excessive expending.
  • Inspecting the accounting procedure of the Ministry and those operations that lead to any expenditure and whether the assets and assets of the Ministry are being used in a safe and economical manner.
  • Conducting special investigations when necessary.

Our Team

D.A.I.PereraMrs. D.A.I. Perera
Chief Internal Auditor