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Main Functions of the Division

  • Operational Focal Point for
    • Basel Convention.
    • Minamata Convention.
    • Stockholm Convention.
    • Stratagic Appraoch to International Chemicals Management. (SAICM)
    • Roterdam Convenion - Central Enviornmental Authority is the focal point for Industrial Chemicals under Rotterdam Convention.
  • Formulation of Policies, Strategies and Action Plans on Chemicals Management.
  • Formulation of Policies, Strategies and Action Plans on general and hazardous waste management.
  • Implementation of national projects on chemicals and waste management.
  • Conduct awareness and training programmes on general and hazardous waste management, pollution control, chemicals management.
  • Conduct research project in collaboration with universities and research centres in relation to chemicals and waste management and pollution control.
  • Respond to public comments on pollution and co-ordinate with relevent agencis in solving them.
  • Conduct Dengue Prevention Programme.
  • Implementation of Electronic Waste Management Action Plan.
  • Implementation of Plastic Waste Management Action Plan.
  • Development of Waste Dump Rehabilitation Programme with relevant stakeholders.

Special events of the division

  • Global Recycling Day - 18th March
  • International Noise Awareness Day - 29th April
  • Global Garbage Man Day - 17th June
  • International Plastic Bag Free Day - 3rd July
  • World Water Monitoring Day - 18th September
  • International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Food Waste Reduction - 29th September
  • International E waste Day - 14th October
  • International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week - October 25- 31

Our Team

Mahinda Werahera
Actg. Director

jeewaMrs. Jeewa Palugaswewa
Assistant Director

jeewanthi Ms. Jeewanthi Ranasinghe
Assistant Director

Environment Pollution Control & Chemical Management