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The Education, Training and Research Division was established in 2016 under the Ministry of Environment. The primary role of this sector is to create awareness among the people about sustainable management of the environment and natural resources in order to create self-environmental responsibilities. As;

  • Develop strategies for environmental awareness and promotion, implement them and make necessary revisions periodically.
  • Conducting and coordinating awareness programs for schools, government agencies, NGOs, security forces and general public, island wide to create awareness about environmental education.
  • Facilitate access to environmental information to school children, environmental pilots, researchers, members of environmental organizations, government officials, environmentalists and the general public.
  • Coordinating and supervising the activities related to the World Environment Day.
  • Launch the publications related to an ecologically important theme and environmentally sensitive subject matters.
  • Provide necessary guidelines to maintain the quality of publications of the Ministry and its affiliates.
  • Preparation of environmental conservation media campaigns through electronic and print media and educating the journalists

Special dates relevant to the division

"World Environment Day - June 05"

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June in each year under the leadership and coordination of the Education, Training and Research Division. To mark the occasion, a circular signed by the Secretary to the President will be issued to all government and non-governmental organizations in Sri Lanka as well as private institutions, schools, universities, etc.

Services provided to the public by the division

  • Provide information and awareness on environmental conservation.
  • Issuing environmental publications for school libraries and universities.
  • Awareness on the latest environmental information and publications through the Ministry's website.
  • Acting as a center to providing environmental information to the researchers, students and the public.

Our Team

Mr. R.S.K. Doolwalage

Ms. Piume Bentarage
Assistant Director

ranjithMr. Ranjith Rajapakshe
Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Environment Education Training, Promotion & Special Projects Division