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Administration division is entrusted to fulfill a prominent role in the ministry by ensuring peaceable and productive working environment within the ministry premises for public as well as other staff. This division is responsible for enhancing effective coordination between divisions, providing necessary infrastructure facilities and ensuring proper maintenance of premises. Administration division functions under the direction of the Minister in charge of the Ministry with leadership of the secretary and under the supervision of an Additional Secretary consist of well experience senior officers.


  • Creating and maintaining a physical environment which is helpful to uplift the quality and of the ministry
  • Maintain optimum staff with higher capabilities and standards
  • Establishment and maintenance of productive coordination with other institution
  • Provisions and maintenances of utility services and infrastructure facilities efficiently and effectively
  • Uplift the welfare facilities of the staff and overall administration,direction and evaluation of the Ministry


  • All the establishment activities including appointments, promotions, transfers and disciplinary control of the staff
  • Estimating carder requirements,creating new posts, and updating carder details
  • Fleet management activities including vehicle registration, assigning, insurance, maintenance of all the vehicle in the ministry
  • Activities in relation to cabinet papers, annual reports, parliament questions, parliament consultative committee,petition committeeand Human Right Commission
  • Activities related to appointment of chairmen and board of directors for institutions under the purview of the ministry
  • Activities related to appointment of temporary staff of the minister
  • Maintain Tappol
  • Maintain Record room activities
  • Activities related to Right to information act
  • Facilitation of conducting inter-ministerial committeefor sustainable environment development and monthly staff meeting
  • Monitoring activities related to tenders and agreements required for the provision of utility services (Security and Janitorial Services) and maintain utility service
  • Coordinate activities related to other institutes which is under the purview of ministry
  • Directing, coordination and monitoring Development Officers (Environment) who are working in Divisional Secretariat level

Our Team

s samarakoonMrs. S.M.G.K. Samarakoon
Senior Assistant Secretary

g dumyMrs. M.L.S. Ashani 
Assistant Secretary (Admin)

g dumy
Assistant Secretary (Admin)

thilakarathneH.D.J. Thilakarathne
Administrative Officer