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The Accounts Division of the Ministry consists of two functions namely, Finance & Payments and Procurements & Stores Management. Finance & Payment function includes, preparation of Annual Budget and Annual accounts, fulfilling Imprest requirements, co - ordinate with the General Treasury & all payments and related activities to the Ministry. As for the Procurement & Stores Management function, attends to all procurement activities, monitoring of such activities and uninterrupted supply of stationeries & other consumables to the ministry. Further to that, Accounts division is responsible for the following activities.

Functions of Accounts Division

  • Ensure effective implementation of cash management.
  • Timely submission of estimate of Revenue, Expenditure, Advance Accounts and Supplementary Estimates to the Treasury.
  • Maintain and Supervision of official bank accounts.
  • Ensure proper recording of financial transactions.
  • Rendering financial reports monthly, quarterly and periodically as laid down by the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure expeditious procurement procedure of Supplies/Services/ Works by following the Financial Regulations, Procurement Guidelines and other relevant instructions.
  • Ensure proper processes & systems for stores management, maintain inventory and manage other assets.
  • Ensure proper accounting of receipts and disbursements of foreign aid in terms of agreements and other relevant instructions.
  • Ensure prompt reconciliation of relevant accounts monthly and periodically with corresponding accounts in Treasury and Other institutions.
  • Rendering Annual Account, Revenue Account, Advance Account and Deposit Account in terms of Financial Regulations and other relevant instructions.
  • Co-ordinate with Ministry, Treasury and other relevant organizations regarding Audit Queries, COPA & COPE reports.

Our Team

g dumyMrs. D.A. Himali Senavirathna
Chief Accountant

Mrs. P.N.D. Abeyrathb dummyna
Accountant (Payment)

Accountant (Supply)