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The Ministry of Environment serves as the focal point in formulating national environmental policies and the conservation of environment. Accordingly, the Ministry in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders inclusive of the public sector, private sector, nongovernmental organizations carries out activities relating to environmental management and regulation while making necessary policy decisions.

Within the government policy framework, clear targets have been set out in relation to the subject of environment. In implementing plans requisite for such targets, close coordination and strong cooperation is expected to be maintained with the Central Environmental Authority, Geological Survey and Mines Bureau and the relevant line ministries and other departments as key partners of this process while taking constructive measures for environmental promotion and development.

Conservation of biodiversity, increasing forest cover, building resilience to negative impacts of climate change, sustainable exploration and management of mineral resources, introduction of sustainable consumption concepts are amongst programmes required for the success of these plans and activities for achieving targets relation thereto will take precedence. Further, giving a new dimension to the field of infrastructure facilities and construction sector, measures are being taken to adopt environment friendly construction practices.

Action is also being pursed to raise public awareness on environmental responsibilities of citizens such as forest conservation, soil conservation, coastal conservation, waste management, energy management and noise management and increase people’s participation in activities connected thereto.I also wish to state that the Ministry is equipped with highly skilful human resources that form a key component in the productive implementation of policies and programmes of this ministry.