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The Ministry of Environment of Sri Lanka remains committed for the management of the environment and natural resources of the country, maintaining the equilibrium between the trends in rapid economic development and use of natural resource base.

Social and economic behavior of the increasing human population has put a major threat in achieving these objectives. The Ministry has framed key policies for adoption in management of environment and natural resources of the country. These policies are implemented with the participation of stakeholders including government, agencies, NGO's and communities.


"A Sustainably Developed Sri Lanka."


To provide Leadership for sustainable environmental management by ensuring environmental protection through sustainable natural resource management.



❖ Identification and analyze the problems in environment and natural resources sector through Stakeholder consultation to enable policy formulation for Sustainable Development.

❖ Ensuring notification and implementation of relevant stakeholders in the formulation of policies related to the conservation of the environment and natural resources.

❖ Preparation of strategies and action plans and implementation of pilot projects to be able to implement policies that are in line with environmental and natural resources.

❖ Raising public awareness at the national level on policy reforms and the concept of sustainable environment as well as other major environmental processes related to the environment and natural resources.

❖ Ensure the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements signed by the Sri Lanka incompliance with the international commitments.

❖ Development of monitoring mechanisms for environment and natural resource sector and develop strategies based on the data and information of monitoring.

❖ Conduct research to identify impact of implementation of policies and analyze the research finding and disseminate among public and related agencies.

❖ Creating a conducive environment for state and political sector’s commitment towards sound environment management