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It should be emphatically stated at the outset that the Ministry of Environment serves as the guide and director responsible for the protection and growth of exponential environmental resources and all areas connected thereto while maintaining a balance between the rapid economic advancement of Sri Lanka and its natural resources.

With the objective of overcoming potential depletion of resources as a result of meeting increasing demands for basic requirements of human population, we ensure that new strategies, methodologies and alternative resource bases as well as required policy factors are identified and implemented expeditiously.

Interventions of all stakeholders are essential for the attainment of objectives of new economic development targets and global sustainable development goals along with the introduction of blue-green economic initiatives. Already my ministry has formulated various policies, strategies and action plans for the conservation and sustainable use of environmental and natural resources. Such plans and policies are expected to address national and global environmental issues such as environmental pollution, depletion of forest cover, soil degradation, impairment of biodiversity and climate changes.

These measures have enabled the proper discharge of responsibilities in the implementation of international conventions relating to environmental conservation and in pursuance of agreements reached at the 21st session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), measures have been taken to minimize greenhouse gas emissions under local obligations for cutting back on global warming and implement them under 13 key subject areas. Further, the Ministry is committed to safeguard the sovereignty of the country whilst working collaboratively with all international environmental organizations for endowing a sustainable environment to future generations,

I assure that my ministry and its affiliated institutions will take all possible measures to guide and regulate all developmental programmes and projects in conformity with environmental conservation principles so as to ensure that people as well as future generations are benefited sustainably.