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Biodiversity Division provides policy directions towards conservation of biodiversity. The main responsibility of the division is formulating and reviewing the National Policy Framework on Biodiversity.

Accordingly, “Earth Summit”, organized by members of United Nations was held in Rio de Jenairo in Brazil in year 1992 and International Biodiversity Convention (CBD) was adopted there with the objectives of conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of its components and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of utilization of genetic resources. Sri Lanka became a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in June 1992 and ratified the Convention in March 1994. Since 1994, we have been a Party to the said biodiversity Convention of United Nations and are in the process of engaging biodiversity into planning of National Development Policies. The Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment plays the role of National Focal Point (NFP) while the Biodiversity Division coming under its purview acts as the implementing center of actions i.e. is the Operational Focal Point (OFP) to the Convention.

Responsibilities of the Biodiversity Division

Biodiversity conservation related activities of the Ministry are implemented through the Biodiversity Division. National Expert Committee on Biological Diversity established to take decisions on biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization of the country. This Committee provides guidance for the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans also assists in revising them periodically in the light of experience gained through the implementation.

In addition to this, National Advisory Committees were established such as National Species Conservation Advisory Group (NASCAG), Invasive Alien Species Committee, Biosafety Committee, Pollinator Advisory Committee, Expert Committee on Traditional Knowledge, Paleobiodiversity Advisory Committee. & Expert Committee on Mangrove Conservation.

Decisions on these Committees will support to implement biodiversity conservation activities. The following are the responsible areas for conserving biodiversity in Sri Lanka.

  • Coordination, implementation and monitoring of in-situ & ex-situ conservation activities, projects and programs at national level
  • Collaborate research studies on Biodiversity
  • Bio treaty Coordination (Convention on Biological Diversity and other related Conventions and Agreements)
  • Provide education, training and create awareness on conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity.
  • Protection of traditional knowledge and cultural activities related to biodiversity
  • Biosafety - Implementation of Biosafety Protocol, Biosafety Policy and the National Biosafety Framework in Sri Lanka
  • Coordination & carry out activities related to Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources & Fair & Equitable Sharing of Benefits
  • Developing a National Policy on Access to Genetic Resources & Benefit Sharing
  • Bio Legal and Regulatory – Implementation National legislation and Multi-Lateral Agreements
  • Coordinate implementation of projects and programme related to agriculture biodiversity, bio economics, paleobiodiversity.
  • Implement & coordinate activities related to Invasive Alien Species management
  • Coordination of mangrove and other blue carbon ecosystems conservation and rehabilitation activities with relevant stakeholders

Our Team

Ms KumudiniMs. K.N.K. Vidyalankara

Ms. A.A.R.S.K. Bakmeedeniya
Assistant Director

Ms. R.M.N.P. Ranasinghe
Assistant Director

wpsd pathiranaMrs. W.P.S.D. Pathirana
Assistant Director